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Professor of Theology   

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Princeton Theological Seminary, 2013

Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.), Yale University Divinity School, 2003

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.), Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo, 2001

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Minia University Engineering School, 1992


Faith & Life Story

An experience of suffering in my family has deeply shaped my faith/life story as my brother became mentally ill due to meningitis in a very early age. In addition to the internal hardship of having to deal with a mentally-ill person, my family often suffered some sort of exclusion by a society in which mental illness was at best medically/culturally primitive in taking care of people with disabilities, and at worst considered by some as divine punishment. This experience involved two sides that irreconcilably went hand in hand then: questioning the goodness/might of God on the one hand, and wondering about my fatherís faithful service to such a God on the other. The effects of this experience on me were feelings of self-pity and anger. But it was my fatherís verbal and lived witness to Godís healing love in Jesus Christ that sustained my faith and freed me to carry on living and serving God.

God has called me to disciple Christian leaders in the suffering Arab World through the teaching and writing of a Reformed theology, done in conversation with both culture and the great Christian traditions.


Associations I am affiliated with:

Presbyterian Church of Egypt Ė Synod of the Nile

Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo


List of Courses I teach

Introduction to Systematic Theology

The Doctrine of Atonement

The Theology of Paul Tillich

Ecumenical Theology


List of topics I am available to speak on

Christian Doctrine

Theology and Culture (other religions, science, philosophy)



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