Continuing Education

Continuing Education for PastorsPicture3

Every year several continuing education events for pastors are held on the ETSC campus. Pastors from all over Egypt come to the seminary for worship, 

Field Training for Lay Leaders
fellowship, renewal and growth of knowledge for ministry. Every year about 30 pastors participate in courses and seminars offered through the seminary to update their skills and become refreshed. Each year ETSC responds to the needs indicated by pastors to provide what will be most helpful for their ministries.

In the last few years ETSC faculty have begun to take the classroom into the field. Lay Leadership Training events have been held at strategic churches all over Egypt accessible to hundreds of leaders from surrounding churches who participate in day-long training events featuring worship, lectures, discussion, and a common meal. Valuable books and educational materials are provided to participants at greatly subsidized prices. In Egypt the training of lay people is essential as more than 100 churches currently lack full-time pastors. Last year more than 1,600 church leaders in Egypt participated in these events.

Lay Training for WomenPicture7

While most students are male since churches in Egypt do not presently ordain women, ETSC seeks to provide training for women as m

such as possible. In addition to a few full-time female students, ETSC offers a women's training program preparing about thirty women per year for greater church leadership as Sunday school teachers and directors, lay leaders, Christian educators, and a variety of other leadership roles. The women come from villages and cities all over Egypt for a week of intensive training on the ETSC campus before returning to their homes, jobs, and families, better equipped to serve as leaders in the church


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