Ephraim Yacoub Zakhary

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Th.M., School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway, 2011

BA in Theology, Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, 1985

Brief life story:

I served as a pastor of Dakuf Presbyterian Evangelical Church for 15 years from 1978-1993. Then I served at Third Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Minia for 11 years, first as an assistant pastor from 1993-2001, then as a co-pastor from 2001-2004. During those years, I also served as an Adjunct professor of pastoral theology at The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo from 1996- 2004. And in 2004, I moved to Cairo to join the teaching staff as a Full time Chaplin at The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo until now.


List of courses I teach

- Basic principals for ministry

- Field-Education ministry

- Pastoral theology


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