Center for Middle Eastern Christianity (CMEC)


The Center exists to provide an institution of scholarship, research, training and399798 459198594158336 1827309420 n publication in order to empower the Church in the Middle East by exploring:
  • Biblical texts (in Arabic, Coptic, Syriac), 

  • Arabic Christian theology, 

  • Coptic history and theology, 

  • Inter-religious dialogue.  

It is the mission of the CMEC to encourage Christians of the Middle East to appreciate their Christian history, heritage and tradition. The CMEC seeks to develop opportunities for encounter by inviting scholars and institutions to engage in study and 420736 459735450771317 191696597 nconversation. 


 Research: the CMEC offers the use of its facilities including a library of biblical and theological resources for independent scholarly research. 

 Seminars: the CMEC conducts seminars, conferences and travel/study programs with Eastern and Western Christians. 

 Courses/Degrees: the CMEC guides and offers courses which engage both Egyptian and international students in study of the heritage of Christianity in the Middle East. 

 1-      Introduction to Christian Arabic Theology,
 2-      Theology of Abu Qurrah,
 3-      Theology of 'Ammar al-Basri,
 4-      History of the Eastern Church.

Publications: the CMEC provides avenues for the publication of works, articles, and books related to Christianity in the Middle934932 459198204158375 735004033 n East. The CMEC has its monograph series “Studies on the Christian Heritage in the Middle East.”   

 If you are interested in coming to visit the CMEC, desire to do research with us, or hope to participate in one of our educational programs, please contact us:

Rev. Wageeh Mikhail, PhD

Interim Director


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